Korean-Pear, with full of sweetness and crunch

Korean-Pear has special feature in full of sweetness from fruit sugar and less organic acid with no sourness. There are enzymes which decomposes meat in gemmule, so it make meat more soft when using it in marinating, or seasoning meat.Korean-Pears have sweetness along with refreshing, and it has firm flesh and rich juice. In addition, There are digestive enzyme in pears which stimulates digestion and known as good solution of thirst and asthma.Korean pears such as Shingo-bae and Hwang-geum bae, which are refresh with a higher fruit sugar content are cultivated in good condition with rich soil and sunshine. Especially, it has soft flesh and rich unique scent of pears.

  1. The one with slightly light reddish and dark yellow color
  2. The one with golden color spreaded on the whole body without blueness.
  3. The one with flat bottom
  4. The one with unique big spot of Korean pears

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