Korean Kimchi in many different colors and tastes

Kimchi is side dish made by preserving many vegetables with the brine, and seasoning with spices, then salting it with fish source and leaving it so as to be get flavored. There are 300 kinds of home made Kimchi in Korea. It is never second to none food since milk products has 150 kinds in Western. Kimchi is generally different in taste and type by kind. There are different vegetable produced by region and season, and many different kinds of spices, mixing ratio, and maturing ways which allows for different shape and taste. Above all, Every one makes kimchi in its unique style so it becomes diversified by hands. Kimchi is made by mixing various vegetables so as to harmonize beautiful color and taste, which is not only food, but also sublimated as ‘Culture’ and ‘Art’.

Korean Kimchi is developed with Korean agriculture. The method of preserving vegetables for preparing winter has been developed in Korea, having 4 distinctive seasons. Kimchi is started from preserved vegetable for winter since the 7th century. After this, it began to have red color since using powdered red hot pepper since the 18th century. At this time, Kimchi started to show epoch-making change, which has been developed as today’s Kimchi putting various seasoning such as fish source inside of cabbage in many folds. Main vegetables and mixture of various spices such as powdered red hot pepper became playing a great role in maintaining the taste of Kimchi.

Kimchi is nature-resembled food which uses proper ingredient by region and made suitable for its climate. First of all, for the major ingredients, not only vegetables from field, but also wild edible greens and herbs were used. Also, In north province with cold weather and low temperature, the kimchi is less seasoned and has simple taste. In contrast, In south province with warm climate, the kimchi has deep and rich taste with many seasonings and fish source to prevent from quick flavored.

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