“Korea Insam” the representative name of Ginseng

Korea Insam is superior. Korea Insam, the leader of Ginseng, has been cultivating from 1000 years ago and now favorably noticed in the world. The nature of Korea Insam which is much superior in its effect and excellence than others is due to its best location and distinctive 4 seasons in which ginseng can grow well. The geographic location situated latitude between 36° and 38°, growing period of 180 days(in other genseng’s case, the period is 120-130days), the climate condition of distinctive 4 seasons make inner tissue of ginseng firm and delicate, and allows for cultivating ginseng with more durable unique scent.In addition, Korea Insam has much more 30 kinds of saponin than other kinds, which takes effect on detoxication, hemolysis of erythrocyte, etc. Therefore, it is complimented as “the best.

For a long time, Ginseng has been called several different names by processing as diversified types for maintaining freshness and strengthening its effect.

Soo-sam is fresh ginseng from field, having around 70~75% of moisture, and it is raw material of every kind of ginseng and gathered 4 to 6 years since seeding. Its distinctive features are the surface, strong and short head, light yellow color, and well grown legs and body which make it heavy.

It is a processed original shaped-ginseng product made from peeling slightly for 5-6year old Soo-sam, and drying it under the sun so that it can have less than 14% of moisture. Its distinctive features are light yellow color, well grown legs and short and thick head. It can be subdivided into Goksam and bangoksam according to its dried type.

It is a dry product made from steaming 6 year old Soo-sam 8 times and then drying it, which removed every bad thing for human body and maintains only good content such as saponin. It keeps its skin so as to reserve effective ingredient inside the skin, increasing content of saponin during the process, with dark brown color.

It is original-shaped processed ginseng between Hong-sam and Baek-sam having upright shape. It is made by soaking Soo-sam in hot water for a certain period and gelatinizing part of body from skin the drying it. The color is light yellow and when cut, the section has light brown circle which is similar to the color of Hong-sam

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