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Citron is mainly used as tea, ingredients for other food or oriental medicine because it has strong sourness and smell even it is soft and rich in juice. And especially Citron tea is popular which maintaining refresh taste and smell of citron along with enjoyable way. You can have cold citron tea in summer adding ice and hot citron tea in winter.

Korean citron is produced in seashore area, which give higher scent and sugar content, especially citron tea from this citron is popular as natural healthy food in the world.

Cut Citron with skin into slices, add sugar or honey, and leave it for 15 to 30 days, which becomes concentrate. Put spoonful of the concentrate in the cup and add hot water. You can enjoy citron tea with great taste and smell. Similarly, there is an easy way to make citron tea by cutting citron, adding water and boiling.

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