More soft and sweet flesh

Bell Pepper is one of representative sweet pepper along with bladder cherry pepper. It has sweet taste than mixed one, various color so it is much used when stimulating color and taste of dishes such as salad or pizza. In addition, It has many colors as red, yellow, green, and orange, making different fresh smell by color. Korean Bell Pepper produced from advanced glass greenhouse which is big plant, has sweet, soft, and thick flesh, and very juicy with high sugar content. And it can grow in any season so we? can have it at any time.

Less ripen Bell Pepper has similar green color to green pepper, so it is not easy to distinguish. At that time, you figure out by comparing diameters of upper and lower surface. if the diameters are identically the same in upper and lower, it is Bell Pepper, while upper diameter is bigger than the lower it can be green pepper. And it is easy to distinguish with the taste, Bell Pepper has sweetness contrary to green pepper.

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