Chuseok is a festival that brings families together. People gather around the dining table and enjoy eating traditional chuseok recipes. Even though many Korean holiday foods are prepared during this time, it is also noticed that these are very nutritious. Packed with everything that is needed for a person to be healthy. The entire spread on the table contains soups, jeon, fruits, meats, and many other dishes.

It has been observed for centuries that, Koreans have incorporated every kind of vegetable, fish, and meat in their meals so that each person of the family can benefit from them. During chuseok, Korean festival food offers you all kinds of varieties. This is the secret about Korean Thanksgiving food. Even though you might think that some of the dishes might be heavy, they’re not. They were all initially cooked up to keep you healthy and hope for you to live a long life.

Author: Hyojin Lee

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