South Korean food giant Samlip General Foods announced that it has decided to change its corporate name at the extraordinary general meeting on October 25. Staring from a ceremony to celebrate its 71st anniversary on the 28th, the company will use a new corporate name and corporate logo.

Samlip General Foods is changing its name as part of SPC Group’s brand system improvement project to establish an effective brand image and reflect a new vision.

The new corporate name has come up to create a synergy effect by combining Samlip’s image of long history and credibility and SPC’s young and global image. In particular, it shows the company’s determination to turn a baking firm into a global total food group.

The new corporate logo is designed to share the group’s management philosophy of “Make the World Happy with Best Quality, Customer-centered Service and Creative Challenge” and strengthen the unity as an affiliate with the shape of smiling mouth, which symbolizes happiness, bowl with true heart and SPC Group’s corporate logo, which symbolizes the artisan spirit, with “SAMLIP” on it.

Samlip GFS, an affiliate of Samlip General Foods, is also changing its corporate name to “SPC GFS.”

An official from Samlip General Foods said, “The new corporate name will serve as momentum to reinvigorate the new business sector as well as its traditional baking business and jump into a global company. We will achieve a combined sales of 4 trillion won (US$3.53 billion) in SPC SAMLIP and SPC GFS by 2020 and strengthen our global sector by expanding businesses to the U.S. and Southeast Asia as well as the current business in China.”

(Feautred Image: A new corporate logo of SPC SAMLIP.)

Author: abbeycaron8186

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