I’d like to introduce “Mini Bulgogi Salad”. I went to A Conversation with Food Director Soo Jin Kim last year, and she cooked Mini Bulgogi Salad. It was very tasty. Here is Ms. Kim’s profile for you. Prominent Korean food director Soo Jin Kim takes us behind-the-scenes of creating and styling food for countless hit TV dramas and films, including The King and the Clown, Gourmet, Kimchi Family, That Winter, the Wind Blows, Warm and Cozy, and currently airing Six Flying Dragons. She also shares exclusive clips of sets she has worked on and shares stories of her lifelong experience in overseeing food for the screen as the first-ever food director in the Korean entertainment industry. She demonstrates food styling tips for both simple and difficult dishes as she recreates some from her past works.

Author: k-food

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