Sigeumchi-namul | 시금치 나물

Sigeumchi-namul is blanched spinach with seasoning. Spinach is a typical green vegetable in Korea. It was described as an important vegetable in the book Hunmongjahoe written by Choe Sejin during the Joseon Dynasty (1527). Spinach was probably used in cooking since then.

400 g spinach
0.2 g shred red pepper

  1. Trim spinach and cut off roots. Wash under running water 3~4 times.
  2. Blend seasoning sauce.
  3. Cut the shred red pepper into 1 cm slices.
  1. Pour water into the pot, heat it up for 13 minutes on high heat. When it boils, scald spinach with salt for 2 minutes maintaining green color. Rinse in water, drain water by squeezing, and cut into 5~6 cm (230 g).
  2. Mix the spinach with seasoning sauce thoroughly until seasoning soaked evenly. Place it on a dish and top with shred red pepper.

Squeeze water out from spinach softly, or it may become untasty due to lack of water.

‘Pohangcho’ spinach is a little harder than normal. So, scald it for 1~2 minutes more.

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