Korean Chicken Soup

Korea’s most popular soup dish for its energizing ingredients and thus is reinterpreted with a modernist touch into a dish that can be enjoyed by visitors from around the globe with ease. Ingredients including glutinous rice and ginseng are rolled with chicken meat and simmered with oriental herbs. The menu is then served with soup.

  • Young chicken 2 (1.2 kg)
  • Marinade for chicken : Cheongju (refined rice wine) 1 tablespoon (15g), ginger juice 2 tablespoon (30g), salt ½ teaspoon (2g), crushed pepper 1 teaspoon (3g
  • Glutinous rice (sit in water for softness) 150
  • Jujube 6, water chestnut (peeled) 6, gingko nut (roasted) 20, susam (fresh ginseng)
  • Chicken broth : Hwanggi (milk vetch root) 20g, susam (fresh ginseng) of 4 years 4, garlic 4 cloves, jujube 5, maekmundong (big blue lilyturf) 4g, green onion 160g, pepper 16g, water 15 cup (3L)
  • Carrot 20g, brussel sprout 2
  • Salt 1 tablespoon (12g), crushed pepper ½ tablespoon (4g)
  1. Cut young chicken into half, remove intestine and fat and then wash with water. Remove bones and then marinate meat.
  2. Mix soaked glutinous rice with diced jujube, water chestnuts, gingko nuts and susam and put into a steamer to steam for 1 hour
  3. Wash hwanggi and let it soak water for 2 hours; wash susam and cut off its head; and wash garlic, jujube, maekmundong and green onion.
  4. Put water, hwanggi, maekmundong, and chicken bone and boil in high heat. Once the water boils, drain and add fresh water. When the freshly added water boils, put susam, garlic, jujube, green onion and pepper in and boil in medium heat for 40 minutes and sieve to make clear chicken broth.
  5. Roll glutinous rice with young chicken meat and tie with thick thread.
  6. Put chicken roll, carrot and brussel sprout into chicken broth and simmer in low heat for 15 minutes. Add salt and pepper for flavor.

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