Modern Bulgogi | 불고기

This dish of bulgogi is marinated and grilled by method of keeping juicy texture in inside while maintaining crispiness on the outside. It is served with salad like Korean wrapping and placing bun on the top to make into a finger food dish.

  • Ground beef (sirloin) 600g
  • Marinade : pear 100g, onion 30g, kiwi 8g, minced garlic 3 table spoon (48g), minced green onion 4 table spoon (56g), sugar 3 table spoon (36g), cheongju (refined rice wine) 30 ml, soy sauce 2 table spoon (36g), crushed pepper ½ tea spoon (1g), rice grain syrup 2 table spoon (38g)
  1. Put pear, kiwi and onion into a blender to grind and then mix with the rest of ingredients for marinade.
  2. Get rid of excess blood from ground beef, seal into a container and infuse with smoke gun to add smoky flavor until smoke disappears.
  3. Marinate smoked ground beef with marinade and let it sit for about 1 hour.
  4. Shape the marinated ground beef into meatballs and place them on heated pan to pan-fry.
  5. Serve with warm buns, bread or steamed rice.

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