New Variation on Rainbow Rice Cake

This rice cake is an inspiration from mujigaetteok (무지개 traditional rainbow steamed rice cake) with some modern touch. It contains five-colored steamed in shape of marbles. Quite unlike conventional rice cakes, sweetness with some hints of sourness is remarkable. This is an ambitious experiment to open a new chapter for Korean desserts.

Rice powder

  • 3 cup (270g), salt 1 tea spoon (4g), sugar 5 table spoon (60g)

For coloring

  • Strawberry powder 1 ½ tea spoon (6g), mugwort powder 1 teaspoon (2g)

Lemon jam 60g

  1. Mix rice powder with salt and sugar and sieve all together.
  2. Divide the mix into three (100g each) and blend one of them with strawberry powder and another with mugwort powder. Add a little water, knead and then sieve.
  3. Put each color of power in layers into round shaped mold, put lemon jam and fill the rest with rice powder.
  4. Flatten the top and put into a steamer to steam for 15 minutes.
  5. Take out from the steamer to cool, and then flip the mold to let the rice cakes come out.

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