Quality seafood restaurants are not easy to find. Seafood spoils sooner
than other meat products and that is why many restaurants fail to
provide fresh seafood. Few restaurants around Boise, Idaho can provide a
vast menu of fresh seafood cuisine than that of Chandlers.

Chandlers is a premier fine dining restaurant located in down town
Boise, Idaho. They are famous for serving fine seafood, prime corn fed
steaks, Kobe-style beef, and many other mouth-watering dishes. If you
are a die-hard fan of seafood boise then you should undoubtedly visit Chandlers.

Apart from their amazing dining services, they also offer live music boise
featuring some of the best jazz that Boise has to offer. Chandlers live
music entertainment is an experience like nothing else. You can get
this experience every week from their featured entertainers and artists
handpicked by the renowned musician and musical director, Chuck Smith.

Chandlers’ boasts over 650 selections of wines which have enabled them
to receive the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator for a number of
years. They also host a social hour from Monday to Friday and offer a
plethora of delicious and incredible small serving meals and innovative
cocktails. Chandlers’ bar features the Ten Minute Martini™, an award
winning cocktail from one of the world’s foremost mixologist Pat Carden.
Chandlers also offers banquets for private ceremonies and celebrations.

Chandlers was founded by Rex Chandler, an award winning restaurateur.
Rex has owned restaurants in various parts of the country and has made a
name for himself as one of the top restaurant service providers. All of
Rex’s restaurants have been rated as top notch service providers and
Chandlers is no different.

If you are looking for the best fine dining boise
where you can enjoy delicious food and a soothing ambiance, then
Chandlers is the place for you. Chandlers offers the unmatched
experience of fresh seafood and prime steaks along with amazing live
jazz entertainment all at one place.

For more details about Chandlers, you can log on to: www.chandlersboise.com.

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