SEOUL, July 4 (Yonhap) — If you want to prevent colorectal cancer, you should eat less pizzas and hamburgers and eat more of Korea’s traditional side dish of kimchi and vegetables, a new study suggested Monday.

“Our findings indicated that a higher consumption of the traditional pattern significantly reduced the risk of CRC, particularly the risk of rectal cancer in both genders,” Kim Jeong-seon of South Korea’s National Cancer Center and four other experts said in a study carried on the June edition of the journal Medicine. CRC refers to colorectal cancer.

The study referred to the traditional pattern of eating, which means traditional food items regularly consumed among South Koreans including vegetables, tubers, seaweed, fish, soy, mushrooms and seasonings.

The study also said a significant association between the prudent pattern and a decreased risk of colorectal cancer was observed in both genders, referring to food with high amounts of fruit, milk and dairy products, cereals, nuts, and a low intake of refined grains and kimchi, a fermented cabbage with a variety of spicy seasonings.

It said the Westernized dietary pattern — which includes red meat, meat byproducts, cakes, pizza, bread and hamburgers — was associated with an elevated risk of colorectal cancer.

The study recommended people to switch from a Westernized dietary pattern to a more traditional pattern to prevent colorectal cancer by consuming more foods of plant or natural origin in combination with a regular intake of fruits, milk, and dairy products.

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